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Empowering Women to Reach Financial Freedom with Liz Faircloth

Episode Summary

Listen in as we talk to Liz Faircloth about her journey from investing in duplexes to large commercial properties and what led her to create The Real Estate InvestHer, now a thriving community of women in real estate investing. Be sure to grab your free copy of the Investing For Good book: Check out the show notes:

Episode Notes

In this episode, we sit down with Liz Faircloth who, together with her husband Matt, founded the DeRosa Group to transform lives through real estate. In addition, Liz has built and nurtured a thriving community of women in real estate through her podcast, The Real Estate InvestHer.

Listen in as Liz takes us through her journey, beginning with graduate school, where she received a Master of Social Work and also developed an interest in business. After writing her first business plan, she realized that her dream of helping large groups of people could go beyond counseling.

What truly opened Liz’s eyes to the world of real estate was Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. From there, she, along with her then-boyfriend Matt, began spending their time playing the Cashflow board game and attending numerous real estate seminars. Sometime later, they invested in their first property – a duplex – and the rest is history.







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