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How To Become A Mindful Millionaire With Leisa Peterson

Episode Summary

Listen in as we talk to Leisa Peterson, founder of WealthClinic, about her personal journey to financial freedom and how she inspires and empowers others to develop a healthy relationship with money. Be sure to grab your free copy of the Investing For Good book: Check out the show notes:

Episode Notes

When we think about wealth creation and money management, meditation isn’t usually part of our thought process. But if we want to nurture our money mindfulness, it’s vital to learn how to eliminate ego and stress and become aware of the opportunities around us. The key is in understanding that our inner disposition determines our exterior environment.

WealthClinic founder Leisa Peterson teaches us how to integrate our whole self into our relationship with money in eight simple steps. She shares her transition from corporate manager to mortgage banker and underwriter to financial advisor. Her mission today? To help people develop a healthy relationship with money. 

Equating our level of income with our self-worth is one of the most destructive things we can do. Leisa helps us understand that money is simply a resource—a mere tool that can potentially bring us a step closer to a life of freedom.







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