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Capital Gains Tax Deferral through 1031 Exchange with Dave Foster

Episode Summary

Is the success of your real estate investments being limited by taxes? In this episode, Dave Foster walks us through the complexities of the 1031 exchange and how you can use capital gains and tax funds to enhance your real estate holdings. Stay tuned and get started on achieving your financial and personal goals today!

Episode Notes


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Dave Foster is a true veteran in the real estate investment world. He first ventured into real estate investing as a way of chucking his 9 to 5 job and allowing himself the freedom to travel and live his life without corporate obligations. Passive real estate income has allowed him to explore and adventure, without the need for full-time, hands-on management. Though he made a decent profit, he was frustrated by government taxing and only retaining limited gain. However, through using 1031 exchange or through moving into his real estate investments, he was able to maximize profits and build his real estate empire across four sites without paying a penny in capital gains tax.  






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