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Ditch Landlord Woes Through Passive RE Syndication with G. Brian Davis

Episode Summary

Looking for a simplified path to reaping real estate benefits without the usual hassle? Then, tune into this insightful discussion with our guest, G. Brian Davis taking us on his journey from property investor to syndicator, all while prioritizing quality time with his family. Revamp your approach to investing and unlock a truly fulfilling life, just as he did.

Episode Notes


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Brian founded SparkRental, a service for landlords, tenants, and property managers, offering automation for all aspects of the landlord-tenant relationship. He aims to help everyday people build and automate rental income. They do this through free real estate investing education and property management software for mom-and-pop landlords.

He is a real estate investor and writer who, along with his wife and daughter, spends most of the year overseas. He loves hiking, travel, exotic wine, and cooking, although not necessarily in that order. He plans to reach financial independence by age 45.





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