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Financing And Funding Real Estate Deals Using Private Money with Heather Dreves

Episode Summary

Did you know you can invest in real estate using your retirement fund? Learn from Heather Dreves as we invited her to discuss leveraging IRAs, investing in real estate notes, and the ins and outs of investment management. Don't miss out on this great conversation!

Episode Notes


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Heather Dreves is the Director of Funding at Secured Investment Corp. She is a tenured employee that has worked in the Private Money Industry for over 15 years and held her Series 63 license. Heather has been directly involved in the sale of over 75 million dollars in Trust Deed Mortgages and raised over 10 million in Secured Investment Corps High Yield Equity Funds. She has had experience in assisting underwriting and managing the Cogo and Servicing team in addition to Investor Relations.




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