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Gaining the 5 Freedoms Through Multifamily with Amy Sylvis

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Discover the impacts of passive income with our guest Amy Sylvis today! She’ll talk about tips for finding great real estate markets, gaining financial freedom through real estate, and growing in real estate with a like-minded team, Tune in, learn, and be inspired in this episode.

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Prior to working in multi-family real estate, Amy Sylvis spent 13 years in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. She was drawn to the industry because she was able to serve people while they battled serious health challenges.While traveling on business, she picked up “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki and a light bulb went off. She realized that her skillset could serve even more people through multifamily real estate by providing clean, safe, affordable housing to working-class families; by providing a powerful and proven investment vehicle for friends and family to participate in; and by pouring profits into organizations that assist underprivileged and sick children.After several attempts to crack into the industry on her own because of health challenges, Amy was presented with the opportunity to join Quattro Capital. She is active on the GP and LP side of apartments in Tennessee and Georgia and is continuing to grow her portfolio with a goal of achieving the 5 Freedoms in the next couple of years. Amy lives in Los Angeles with her amazing husband Joel. They love college football, traveling, and volunteering their time with organizations that care for children in need.





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