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How To Find the Courage To Start Your First Real Estate Syndication Investment with Janae Shields

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Do you have the courage to make your first real estate syndication investment? Dive in as Janae Shields shares how she found the courage to invest in her first real estate syndication and its effects on her career and personal life.

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Janae is a member of our Investor Relations team and is also a passive investor with us here at Goodegg Investments, having been one of the early investors when the company began. In conjunction with her long and exciting career as a wedding and portrait photographer in San Francisco, in 2019 she and her husband decided to sell their house, place all of their belongings in storage, and travel to the United States for a year. With 3 kids under the age of 8 at the time, you can imagine the amount of energy and patience that took! It was worth every moment as the shared experiences and magical moments throughout that time were life-changing for Janae and her family and their love of travel continues. Currently, you can find them visiting new cities, exploring National Parks, enjoying the waves at the beach, and feeling incredibly lucky to spend time together.





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