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The Amazing Benefits Of Manufactured Housing And Self-Storage with Matthew Ricciardella

Episode Summary

Self-storage facilities and manufactured housing communities are not only recession resilient, but they’re also a great opportunity to diversify your portfolio. Listen in as Matthew Ricciardella shares more benefits of investing in these underrated asset classes and gives some words of encouragement for those who don’t have the ‘’right’’ background for real estate.

Episode Notes

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Matthew Ricciardella is a self-made entrepreneur, business executive, investor, and philanthropist. Matthew is the proud Founder and Principal Manager of Crystal View Capital. With over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry, Mr. Ricciardella is responsible for the management and oversight of all Crystal View Capital Fund aspects including investment strategy, fundraising, asset management, and operations. He currently manages over $200 Million in real estate assets and continues to build his wealth by implementing an astute investment strategy. Crystal View Capital is a real estate investment partnership that focuses on the acquisition and management of opportunistic and underperforming self-storage facilities and manufactured housing communities.



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